Accessibility for Developers

Apple devices come standard with built-in accessibility features that let people experience everything iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, and iPod touch have to offer.


macOS includes a wide variety of features and assistive technologies that include screen and cursor magnification, a full-featured screen reader, visual flash alerts, closed captioning support, and much more.

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With built-in accessibility features, Accessibility APIs, and a host of developer tools and utilities, iOS provides an extraordinary opportunity to deliver a superior mobile experience to every customer, including those with disabilities.

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Apple Watch is the first consumer wearable with a range of accessibility features — including the VoiceOver screen reader — built right in.

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Apple TV comes with assistive technologies that open up the future of television to everyone. Customize Apple TV specifically for your vision. Choose from a range of color filters, hear audio descriptions of apps, or use Zoom to magnify menus and keyboards.

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